Here’s a question that’s been coming up:

“Why attend Lifestyle LIVE again if I already went last year?”

This is a great question—and I talk ALL about it in my Facebook Live video here!

But what I will tell you is: I’ve spent the past year refining, adding, and making Lifestyle LIVE even BETTER than last year.

I’ve rounded up all your feedback and all the learnings from the first time to create a better, more in-depth and expansive experience for YOU!

If you’re ready to uplevel your coaching business and say YES! to spending three days with me in Atlanta, then I want to walk you through exactly what that looks like in 2019.

This is a full immersion event. Which means you will be up and moving, interacting and practicing everything you learn. We’re sharing the kind of secrets that must be heard in person—not virtually (because everybody knows the magic happens when you’re face to face).

Watch me here as I get into the juicy details of what’s planned for our Lifestyle LIVE! 2019 event—and why it will be even better than last year!

And remember, for a limited time, claim your special Early Bird ticket here: