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The quarantine stay-at-home and now the possible emerging from it is having people really look at what is most important to them – their health, their relationships, their financial stability, their hobbies, their families, and their overall purpose in life.

As the world begins to emerge (or think about making plans to emerge), now is an ideal time to go back to your WHY.

Your WHY is a source of inspiration for you to recommit to your business and impact.

It’s also a source of inspiration to your audience, community and clients. Helping your clients reconnect and recommit to their WHY is a powerful move to make with your clients right now.

They’ll be facing new challenges as different states and countries consider emerging out of quarantine. And with these new challenges they will be required to take action.

Their WHY will be their beacon for how they invent and create their new normal. Your guidance as their coach, mentor and leader will help them navigate what they want to consciously create as a result of all they’ve contemplated and experienced over the past couple of months.

Here’s an exercise for you so you can easily connect and engage with your clients during this time of emerging:

What are your “I Believe” statements?

When you share your “I believe” statements (on social media, inside emails, newsletters, blog posts and in client conversations) it does three things:


It helps you get crystal clear on where you can make the biggest impact (when you’re clear, your prospects and clients will be clear).


It provides a cause for your audiences and clients to rally around. People want to be inspired right now. Your “I believe” statements will give them that inspiration they’re seeking.


The articulation of your “I believe” statements helps others find their voice.

In this time of emerging, now is when it’s vital for people to be clear in how they want to move forward, what they want to consciously create for their lives and how they want to show up in this world.

You are their leader.