As you well know, this past November, our latest Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp ended.

We’re proud to present you Kathleen Fors, one of our Top 10 students in this past session—the “cum laude” of the bunch who launched her businesses with our support and who is now thriving!

Kathleen is “The Life Makeover Wizard​”, Creator of the Holistic Emotional Makeover Transformation Life Coach, Author, ThetaHealing Instructor & Intuitive. Remove Every Block to Success for a Life You Can’t Imagine!​

How to Learn the Single Most Powerful Tool for Transforming Your Life!

Most of my life has been a struggle. I knew I was capable but I didn’t feel good about myself and my life just didn’t work. My transformation journey over the past 30 years has allowed me to overcome huge challenges, including a 22-year overeating disorder, severe anxiety issues, a 5-year life-threatening illness, and a lifelong victim mentality that attracted all sorts of problems in every area of my life.

On my journey I became aware that I had major limiting beliefs and emotions that were holding me back and sabotaging my life. For example I was deathly afraid of other people’s possible anger which meant to me on an unconscious level that I might be harmed or punished. This kept me closed down and non-expressed, unable to stand up for myself, could not say “no”, and I was a big people pleaser. This translated into being totally inauthentic and I really didn’t even know who I was. (I expand more of my story on my website “Journey to Health” section.)

From all the tens of dozens of classes, seminars, coaching programs and numerous modalities that I learned plus working with hundreds of clients and students, what I came to know is that our internal beliefs make up the software that runs our lives. Our beliefs—conscious and unconscious—determine our thoughts, behavior, actions, and outcomes. While most beliefs are formed by age seven, an upsetting or traumatic incident at any age can have a major effect on our belief system and hold us back, causing frustration, doubt, insecurities and anxiety.

In my newly created, one of a kind Holistic Emotional Makeover™ (HEM), limiting beliefs and emotions are identified and cleared. Those things that we want to be, do and have come naturally without effort or strain. Our internal programing has changed, so instead of trying to manage our behavior, we just feel different and things happen with ease.

One of the powerful tools I teach clients in my Holistic Emotional Makeover™ (HEM) is called the CORE Technique which is well known for transforming thousands of lives. This is my gift that I’d like you to have too! Just go to my HEM website listed below and get my Free Special Report How to Learn the Single Most Powerful Tool for Transforming Your Life. When unwanted emotions come up like disappointment, anger, sadness (to name a few), you won’t have to worry about going into overwhelm, you’ll know what to do. Using the CORE Technique will help you complete unwanted emotions so you can be more neutral and responsive instead of being triggered and reactive which is true empowerment.

The CORE Technique is easy to learn. It’s up to you to take the time and energy to master the habit of using it. So go to the Holistic Emotional Makeover website and get your Free Special Report.


Kathleen specializes in identifying and clearing blocks that hold people back from what they desire. She specializes in emotional eating, yo yo dieting, unresolved traumas, health and relationship issues. This includes transforming stress, overwhelm and sabotaging behavior patterns for emotional, physical, and spiritual well being!  Kathleen also offers ThetaHealing classes and the 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems class.