The Next Pivots Needed To Keep Your Business Immunity Strong

There are more people online than ever before.

There are also more people spending more time online than ever before.

And those people want alternatives to the negative posts in their feeds. There are opportunities for you to stand out as the positive change agents that you are and be a beacon of hope and possibility for them.

During this FB Live I will share:


the new pivots you’ll want to make to your marketing messaging


what NOT to do when it comes to putting yourself out the


how people are adjusting their finances right now (and what that means for your packages)

Pivoting your messaging, the way you interact with your clients and audiences, and how your offers are constructed is vital during these times so you stay relevant to your audiences.

Qoya With Coaches Console – Brave Souls

I’m bringing you my favorite practice/tool that is helping me to navigate these past few weeks as a business owner, as a woman, as a human…

My best friend, Qoya teacher and Coaches Console member, Lindsay McKinnon, will be leading us all collectively in a 45min Qoya movement experience.

You don’t have to know what Qoya is.
You don’t have to have ever done Qoya before.

All it takes is a desire to navigate these current times with authenticity, a desire to be connected to your truth, and a desire to be of service to your family, clients and communities.

Together, we will collectively move all these emotions and feelings through ourselves so we can stand stronger and access our courage to be the brave souls that we are as we lead others through these unprecedented times!


Movement as meditation.

It’s one of my favorite tools and practices… even more so during these times of rapidly moving between so many emotions and feeling so many contrasting things simultaneously.

It helps me to get out of my head and in to my body… moving through fear and connecting to my truth.

I experienced two online Qoya classes this weekend and they were transformative.

Taking myself from Grief to Gratitude… and from Full to Restored…

From Rochelle Schieck (creator of Qoya):

Qoya means Queen in Quechuan (an indigenous language used by shamans in South America). Not an emotionally distant bejeweled figure who holds a position of inherited power, but Queen that translates as “a female manifestation of higher consciousness.”

Qoya is based on a simple principle…

Through movement of our bodies, we remember the essence of who we are.


It’s about moving in a way that feels good… not because it’s “right,” but because it feel honest and true for you in that moment.

I love Qoya as a practice because it expands my capacity to stay present to all of what I’m experiencing.

What are you feeling?

If your body was to express that feeling through movement, what would that look like, be like, feel like?

Through moving our bodies we can remember how to trust ourselves, be ourselves, and express ourselves. We connect with our inner truth, with one another, and have fun while doing it!

Together we practice:

How to “center” ourselves and check in with our bodies
How to open our hearts in new ways
How to get out of our heads and into our bodies
How to SHAKE out all the icky, pent-up, dense energy that doesn’t feel good – and make it FUN!
How to connect with friends, share and laugh together even though we are all in our separate spaces
Let’s move through this and stay strong together!

The Powerful Techniques I Use To Navigate This Fear and Uncertainty

When the world around you is rapidly changing, when there is so much uncertainty, when emotions are running high, even the most assured can become overwhelmed with anxiety if they’re not careful.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that, personally, I’ve been moving between so many emotions and feeling opposing emotions simultaneously. Whoa, it can be a lot. And my personal belief is that our thoughts become things – I believe that to be a Universal truth.

I’m mindful of the words I use and the thoughts I think. But I have to admit that during recent times that has been challenging. I also believe that it’s not always about being positive – that can come off as heartless.

It’s not only about focusing only on this light instead of the dark, because the dark is very real. I believe it’s Both / And.

Feeling what you’re feeling fully; acknowledging it, expressing it, moving it through your body. And that’s how I’ve been navigating the past few weeks to take care of myself in the midst of everything going on so I could be present and be of service to those around me and my clients. This is how I’ve been putting my best foot forward in the midst of stress and uncertainty.

In this video, I share with you: The powerful movement practice I’m doing regularly, so that the heavy, negative emotions don’t get stuck in me… and so I can give full expression to the positive emotions I’m feeling without the guilt.

What I’m doing to ramp up my self care. How my space and environment is playing a part in how much energy I have to be of service to my family, clients and friends. Why socializing in these new ways is so important for introverts like me. How I’m tending to my relationships. I believe it’s important to utilize the tools, rituals and techniques you can to feel everything you’re feeling fully, but not get stuck in any one emotion.

As entrepreneurs, when you can do this you’re taking exquisite care of yourselves so there is even more to give to those around you. My hope is that many of you will be able to find peace of mind and feel confident about your choices right now in your business. Facing something huge like this together is way more empowering than facing it alone. Sending you all love and gratitude during these times!

Swinging between a wide spectrum of emotions

Are you swinging between a wide spectrum of emotions with everything going on?

One of our clients talked about how one moment she felt “I’m going to conquer the world” and then shortly later she was feeling “Lazy and unmotivated”.

I know one minute I’m feeling utter heartbreak and sadness for the devastations so many of my close friends are experiencing with all this… to profound gratitude for the online business I’ve created, how incredible my team is and how working online has been our normal for 16 years. and then feeling everything in between.

Can you relate?

There are two phrases I want to share with you that will help you navigate all the swirling of emotions so you can be present and reclaim the energy you’ve been leaking from bouncing from one emotion to another. In times of crisis and upheaval, it’s normal to have these experiences… and it makes it easier to navigate things when you know these two mantras.

Agreement is Total Control

Massive Compassion

Listen in on this video as I dive into the mantra “Agreement is total control”

When I shared this earlier today with our Mastermind clients, they LOVED this topic. They said things like:

  • “having this knowledge has helped me relax a bit and stop being so hard on myself to be perfect.”
  • “this mantra is about giving ourselves permission of being exactly here we are right now regardless of what that is.”
  • “It’s about recouping energy and recognizing how much energy I was leaking by not being in agreement. In battling the range of emotions I’ve been feeling, look at all the energy I lost. I provably could have moved through the discomfort faster I if had been in agreement.”

Connect to Your Community

When you find yourself in a time of crisis with unexpected, rapid change and a lot of uncertainty mixed in, emotions are running high and are simultaneously all over the place.

When your emotions are running high, it’s not a time when you’re in your optimal state of mind. Now is the time to bring in other people to help you think.

Surrounding yourself with people who can help you make a good decision for your next best, right step in that moment – masterminds, mentors, colleagues & communities like this one here within Coaches Console.

It’s helpful to know that, during these times, we should get used to feeling only 65% certain about a decision. To say to yourself “I’m making this decision right now because of the alternatives I’m aware of” and then you take a step. And you revisit this process often.

To keep yourself in a good, clear thinking place, it’s not about self-regulation, it’s about co-regulation. Self-regulation can be defined in various ways. In the most basic sense, it involves controlling one’s behavior, emotions, and thoughts in the pursuit of long-term goals… and doing this on your own.

With this crisis at hand, it can be extremely difficult to manage our own thoughts and emotions. And long-term has been redefined for now. What was once easy for people to think about planning out their summer or their year… Now people are planning out their week or two weeks.

Co-regulation is all about the way one can adjust themselves when interacting with another. It’s critical to stay connected – to your masterminds, to your mentors, to your communities and tribes. When we’re connected we can borrow other’s confidence, courage and clarity for those moments when we lose our own footing.

As coaches and entrepreneurs we are the leaders others will be turning to for guidance, support and help in navigating through all of this.

Just last night Dave (my hubby) said “I sure am glad I’m married to a coach through all of this.” While that’s awesome… as leaders, we too have our own fears and uncertainties; moments of raw emotions. We have to have those people and places we can turn to to vent, express and discuss everything we’re feeling, thinking and doing. This is how we can continue to serve and support our audiences and clients through all of this.