Part Five of Six

A coach can have a huge impact on the lives of his or her clients, and I certainly know that’s been the case for me. I’ve worked with five different coaches. I hired each one for a different reason, at a different time in my life and career.

That being said, the work I did with each coach built upon the work I’d done before. My results have been greater because at each step of the way, I’ve already laid the foundation for further growth and expansion.

Here’s a summary of my experience with my fourth coach:

The Coach:

Justin Livingston

Why I Hired Him:

I hired Justin because I needed someone to tell me what to do to reach that seven-figure mark. Michael Port gave us the model, or structure, for The Coaches Console. Regena Thornhauser gave me the feminine, personal development piece.

Then it was time for strategy and implementation.

How He Helped Us:

Bottom line: Justin took The Coaches Console to that seven-figure mark. Using four different strategies, he helped us scale to that million-dollar-mark more quickly than we would have on our own.

Why He Was Invaluable on My Journey:

Obviously, the fact that Justin gave us the strategies and the action plan to get to that seven-figure mark is priceless.

But that’s not why he was invaluable. Justin was invaluable because when he brought me the proposal for our work together, I almost choked on my lunch—the dollar amount he wanted to charge us was more than I’d ever paid for anything.

At first, I was like, “There is no effing way.”


I told him it just wasn’t possible; we just didn’t have that kind of money to invest.

He put together a video and told me the four ways he would show me how to get to seven figures. He said, “Here’s the strategy. You’re a smart woman and I know you can do this on your own. But you’ll do it faster with my help.”

And then he showed me the Return on Investment. It was huge. Our investment paled in comparison to hitting and busting through the seven-figure mark.

Then, he sat back and allowed me to make the choice.

And that’s where Justin was invaluable. In sitting back and allowing me to make the choice, he opened the space for me to shift my thinking.

I had the time and space to turn my definitive statement of, “I can’t afford this,” into a creative statement of, “How can I afford this?”

That spark of creativity allowed me to see beyond the immediate “no money” situation to the potential Return on Investment when new strategies brought in more money than I could imagine.

Instead of letting that kneejerk, “there’s no effing way” reaction stop me from growing, I realized the choice was mine.

Was I willing to change?

Because he laid out the plan, right there in front of me, and I saw the exact strategies—when I’d execute them, how much money each one would stand to create, and when I could expect to see that ROI—I realized that I could afford to invest. It was just a matter of navigating my business to manage my cash flow and make it happen.

And guess what? It worked. Because I asked myself those questions, Justin was able to help us grow to seven figures … fast.

In Conclusion …

Working with coaches has transformed my life, personally and professionally.

Because you’re a coach, you already know about the benefits of coaching. But what you may not realize is the huge ripple effect that happens when you coach someone effectively; the amazing impact it has on his or her life for years to come.

That’s why, over the course of the next several weeks, I’ll be posting articles that focus on my coaches and what I learned through working with them. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, comment below:

How has your investment in working with a coach paid off? I’d love to hear about your ROI. What is something that you’ve implemented as a result of working with your coach that produced a significant return on your investment? How did it impact your life or business? And if you haven’t worked with a coach, tell me about how you’d like your investment to pay off, in your business.

The Importance of Coaching