Part Two of Six.

A coach can have a huge impact on the lives of his or her clients, and I certainly know that’s been the case for me. I’ve worked with five different coaches. I hired each one for a different reason, at a different time in my life and career.

That being said, the work I did with each coach built upon the work I’d done before. My results have been greater because at each step of the way, I’ve already laid the foundation for further growth and expansion.

Here’s a summary of my experience with my first coach:

The Coach:

Kate Steinbacher, co-founder of The Coaches Console

Why I Hired Her (Twice):

The first time: When I was still in Corporate America, I hired Kate—my ski buddy—as a life coach. Recently divorced, I was on my own—and for the first time in a long time, I had to figure out what I wanted. I felt like I had all the pieces to my life … but I didn’t know how to put them together. I felt uncertain and scrambled.

The second time: When I got fired, I knew I didn’t want another job. I wanted to pursue my hobby—coaching—and turn it into a business.

How She Helped Me:

The first time: Kate helped me put all those pieces together and discover that not only did I love coaching, but also that it is my zone of genius.

The second time: Kate helped me get clear on the pieces I needed to turn my hobby into a business, and then she gave me a sense of possibility—and accountability—to make it happen (and it didn’t hurt that she made it fun, too).

Why She Was Invaluable on My Journey:

Kate was and is valuable on my journey because she helped me get clear on the fact that I wanted to get unstuck and move forward with the mantra, “Go big or go home” … and on how to do that.

More than anything, though, Kate’s encouragement was and is invaluable. So often in pursuing the launch and growth of my business, I hit dead ends, encountered areas I didn’t know anything about, or felt like the whole thing was impossible.

In those dark moments, Kate’s coaching allowed me to quiet my doubts and fears so my courage was just one degree louder … loud enough for me to continue moving forward on my journey.

I’m confident that without her encouragement, I would have fallen prey to my fears and doubts. I would have given up, retreating to the safety of my comfort zone.

I’m also confident that if I had given up and had found another job, I would have loved it and I would have been happy (that’s just how I roll).

But through Kate’s coaching, I surpassed happy and made it to fulfilled, ecstatic and empowered about my business, my life, and myself as a woman. That’s way better than “happy”!

One of the lessons Kate taught me early on in my business and in my coaching was to never ask my clients to do anything I hadn’t done myself or wasn’t willing to do. This has been an integral part of my life and business, and helps me continue to walk my talk and practice what I preach 15 years later.

In Conclusion …

Working with coaches has transformed my life, personally and professionally.

Because you’re a coach, you already know about the benefits of coaching. But what you may not realize is the huge ripple effect that happens when you coach someone effectively; the amazing impact it has on his or her life for years to come.

That’s why, over the course of the next several weeks, I’ll be posting articles that focus on my coaches and what I learned through working with them. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, comment below:

What was one valuable lesson you learned from your very first coach that still impacts your world today? And if you haven’t worked with a coach, that’s okay (for now). Post below about how you think a coach might be able to support you in reaching a goal or a dream you have for your life or business.

The Importance of Coaching