Part One of Six.

As The Coaches Console business grows, so does the community (which I absolutely LOVE—only in my wildest dreams did I imagine building a community of amazing coach-preneurs passionate about changing the world!).

As more and more coaches join The Coaches Console family and I share parts of my story, I find that they’re curious about my own path—from being let go at my corporate job to becoming the co-founder of a business that’s getting the world coached one person at a time—while climbing steadily beyond seven figures.

As is my nature, I’ve spent some time thinking about the “how” behind the journey thus far, looking for a way to systemize it (you know by now that I LOVE systems, right?).

My thinking revealed an interesting pattern, which is that there are two things I never go without:

A mastermind

A coach


A mastermind is a community of like-minded and like-spirited people who are on a journey similar to yours. Masterminds meet regularly (in person or virtually) to share ideas about challenges, strategies, and wins.

In every mastermind experience I’ve had, I’ve found a safe, confidential place to show up not knowing, ask questions, research, and enjoy mutual support.

As a coach-preneur, you’re facing two distinct situations.

First, entrepreneurship can be lonely, because it’s akin to a personal development journey. In order to grow your business, you have to face your greatest fears, and conquer them. Having the support and understanding of a group of people who have completed—or are currently traveling—that same journey is invaluable.

Which brings me to my second point: as an entrepreneur offering your services to your community and your clients, you’re farther down the personal development path. Therefore, when you’re wearing your coach-preneur hat, you’re constantly in a leadership position.

However, when you join a mastermind, you become part of a group of people accustomed to being in that leadership position. Your fellow mastermind members are having experiences similar to yours. In this situation, then, you don’t always have to be the leader … you can learn and lead at the same time, and relax into the mastermind without worrying about whether you seem “polished” or “like you know what you’re talking about.”

In addition to the emotional benefits of joining a mastermind, there are skill-related benefits, too. Each member of a mastermind group brings unique skills and experiences to the table. Therefore, I am constantly learning—and sharing my own lessons.

The longer I’ve been in a mastermind group, the better results I’ve gotten in terms of new knowledge, emotional support, bigger goals and visions, and creative solutions. And did I mention friendship?

There’s nothing like a warm, nurturing group of people who believe in you to lift you up as you do the same for them.

And you know this! Because you’re a treasured member of The Coaches Console community, where brilliant, passionate coach-preneurs come together to share ideas, offer advice, and lift each other up!


The brilliant people in my mastermind group always give me great ideas and advice, and sometimes I need clarity on how to take what I learn and translate it to my business. The accountability is great, too.

Because I’m a coach, I place tremendous value on walking my walk.

I know coaching works. I know I need a coach, especially because I want to move as quickly as possible as I strive to make my vision—getting the whole world coached—a reality.

My own coaches have helped me:

  • Gain clarity about how to move forward from being divorced and fired to starting my own coaching business … in essence, by taking all the pieces of my life and put them together to figure out how to move forward.
  • Fine-tune the plan for my business so I could get unstuck when I hit a plateau and couldn’t get past a certain number of clients or a certain revenue point, no matter what I tried.
  • Become the person I needed to become to lead the business I wanted to create.
  • Understand the meaning behind the metrics and measurements in our business, and use those to adjust The Coaches Console business model so it could finally reach the seven-figure mark.
  • Develop confidence when navigating the management and growth of a multi-faceted company I’ve built so far, so it could become even more efficient and effective.

Overall, the five people I’ve hired as coaches have guided me toward greater clarity and efficiency, so I continue to grow and expand as I reach one goal and set another, bigger, brighter one.

They’ve helped me become a better version of myself, so I could create a better version of my business.

In Conclusion …

Participating in a mastermind group and working with coaches have revolutionized my life, personally and professionally.

Because you’re a coach, you already know about the benefits of coaching. But what you may not realize is the huge ripple effect that happens when you coach someone effectively: the amazing impact it has on his or her life for years to come.

That’s why, over the course of the next several weeks, I’ll be posting articles that focus on each of my coaches and what I learned through working with them. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, comment below:

Do you have your own coach? If so, what is one way he or she has impacted your life or business? I’d love to hear from you.

The Importance of Coaching