No matter the learning your struggle remains the same… why is that?

I see it time and time again people enrol into a program. They have great learning but their struggle is still there. They roll into a program they have great learning but the struggle is still there. Like over and over again, you have all of this learning; but the struggle still exists. Like why is that?

So, I’ve been really dissecting this and it brought me to two conclusions. The first conclusion that I want to share with you is there are two big obstacles to success that I see common among entrepreneurs. It’s like this double-edged sword. Right, as an entrepreneur, we have the freedom and flexibility of being our own boss, and working out of our own home. Being able to work on our own time, schedule, and, all that but the other side of that coin is isolation. Isolation is one of the biggest obstacles to success.

For an entrepreneur, the second thing is learning. Without doing just great learning, does not create transformation. It creates great learning but not transformation. And so the struggle still exists. And you just keep looking at it from all different kind of vantage points. Right? And what we really want is transformation not learning. Transformation is active – it’s not passive. You are involved in that and when I really looked at the people that experienced transformation, I look at a lot of our clients and a lot of the people in our community. And I just finished up we just had a two-day workshop with our accelerators in our accelerator program.

When I look at what creates the transformation, there’s these four pillars of transformation that are common with everybody. There is the knowledge and great learning that is certainly an ingredient. Plus there is an added layer of support around the learning. So it’s not just great learning but it turns it into new habits, and, new patterns in their life new perspectives. And then there’s the component of community, the third pillar is there must be community as entrepreneurs. Especially as those of us that are women, we thrive in community. It’s where our creativity flourishes. It’s where we are at our best.

So when you have knowledge plus support wrapped in community, and then the platform to implement what you’re learning. Learning without doing is the death of your transformation. You must have learning. And you must have doing. They have to exist so you need to have all four of those to really experience transformation. So, make sure the next time you’re investing into something, whether it’s a program, an event, whether you’re investing just your time, your money, your energy, make sure that you have all four of those things president. What you’re investing in knowledge, support community, and, platform, those things will help you be active in your transformation. That’s where the real work is done. That’s where the real reward is done. And I want you to create the business beyond your wildest dreams, so you can live the lifestyle beyond your wildest dream. And transformation is where that happens.

So comment below! What is one of those four elements that you want to see more of in your business journey on your way to transformation on your way to success of creating that thriving business which one of those four maybe all four may be a combination. Comment below which one of those four knowledge support community or the platform which one would you like to see more of in your business. I can’t wait to see where you are on your journey.

Bright shiny objects have distacted you long enough!!

Bright shiny objects – it happens. We all have experience with it, and, for entrepreneurs, when they’re first stepping out, and, starting their business. You know that’s a big step out of your comfort zone. And what happens when you step out of your comfort zone, resistance shows up. Fears get louder. Frustrations come into play. And when that is taking over, we are quick to grab onto whatever bright shiny objects might be around; so that we can try to make ourselves feel better, and, try to have control in the chaos of being out of our comfort zone, right? In over the last few years, we have entered into this information-overwhelmed kind of stage; where people are just: “let me do this, let me dive into that, oh that will help me this, will fix that, that’ll be the thing that I need.” And it’s this whole if-then thinking: “if I do this, then everything will be great.” “If I just learn this, then I’ll get my business up.” “If I just do this, I’ll get clients.” “If I just do this, I’ll start making money.” And it’s this whole reactionary “if-then” thinking that these bright shiny objects continue to cycle within us, right? This also causes us to master unnecessary things. Things that other people have told us are important, because it’s important for them. But they tell us that we need to know, this thing, or else, and, it causes us to spend our time, energy, and, attention, diving deep on things that really don’t matter.

And I want to help you to stop falling prey to the bright shiny object that whole reactionary syndrome, right? And one of the things that we wrote about in one of our blog posts, was what I use in my business is called a business opportunity filter. And I have set up certain parameters that help me understand when something catches my attention, because as entrepreneurs, we’re creative. So, we’re going to have lots of creative ideas. We’re gonna see lots of really incredible things, and, we then as the business owner, have to decide – is this a yes? is it a nice thing to do? is it necessary is? If neither one of those is it a yes, not now, maybe later. Like we have to discern that for ourselves. Otherwise, everybody else is going to tell us what’s important. So, when you can have this business opportunity filter to help identify your priorities, what your return on your investment, when you put your time, energy, and, investment into something, what’s the return gonna be, when is that going to have it, is there social proof, and, evidence of it, and, then it comes down to this do you, and, will you have the support and the community around you to be accountable. And giving it your all if you don’t, why are you doing it? You’re just in that rut of if-then, if-when thinking; and you’re in that reactionary mode. It wreaks havoc on your emotions. It wreaks havoc on your intellect. You’re less creative, you’re less healthy, and, it like covers all aspects of us as humans. And I want you to bring all of yourself to your business, so you can bring all of yourself to your community, in your clients. So, set up a business opportunity filter so you are the one in control of what you want to say yes to, what’s a no, and, what’s a yes but not yet, sound good. What’s something that you can do today that allows you to put those parameters in place, and, put the other ideas kind of on a parking lot, maybe dump them into a document, and, once a month you review them to see if you need to pull them out or not. But take control of these bright shiny objects. You are in control of your business.

Why waiting to take action is backwards … Expert advice from Sage Lavine

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Ready… Fire… Aim… Successful Coaches and Entrepreneurs do NOT use this approach… Maybe try this instead???

Hire? Oh shoot! I’m supposed to aim. Yeah, that’s how most of the entrepreneurs and coaches that I encounter when they’re in the early phases and the startup of their business. That’s the approach they take to their business, and, it doesn’t work. It does not make sense on any level, not even if you are charismatic, and, you’re spontaneous. The ready fire aim approach simply leaves you scattered, ,overwhelmed, frustrated. You usually fall into desperation at some point. And really, what happens when you have this ready fire aim approach, is that you are relying on hope as a business, as a
business model, as a strategy for your success. And I’m here to tell you that your passions, your skills, your gifts, and, your talents like this work that you love doing is way too important to rely on hope. Being a strategy, a lot of times we’ll see this like; I’ll know you have the ready fire aim approaches if you’re like “Oh, look at this strategy, let me go do this. I hope this works.” “Oh that didn’t work. Okay, let me go to this one.” “Oh shoot that one didn’t!” We’re gonna look at bright shiny objects. Let me go get this one, and, you’re all over the place. That’s telling me that you have the ready fire aim approach – not healthy, not fun. Usually you don’t get results. Rather, we want to have the ready aim fire approach to our business. Kind of makes sense, right?

And I want to break that down – like what is ready, what is aim, what is fire me? So, with ready, that’s when you, as the business owner, you’re gathering knowledge. You’re learning this strategy. You’re learning the business of coaching, right? Because when it comes to creating success, and, doing the work that you love, you’ve got to be good at your skill set. Whether you’re a coach, whatever kind of service you’re offering to your clients, you got to be good at the skill set. You have to master the marketing of it; as well that comes into play. And you have to master the business of coaching. You’ve got to pay attention to all of those.

And in the ready stage, you’re taking a little bit of time. You’re investing time up front to gather the knowledge, gather the insight learn the pieces, and, the sequence to set things up in, and, have this understanding. Because my guess is, you’ve never done this. Most entrepreneurs don’t set out to be entrepreneurs. Something happens in their life, they have a job they don’t love, they have a job they get fired from, whatever the reason. then they become a business owner. So that you don’t know what you don’t know, so they’re ready part gathering knowledge.

The aim part is getting prepared in advance. You’re implementing that knowledge behind the scenes in an organized fashion. Now these two steps take a little bit of time. In the big picture, the scheme of things, it’s a blip on the screen but you must invest your time, attention, and, resources to get prepared behind the scenes in advance. Once you do that, once you know the knowledge, and, the best practices, you know the pieces, and, the sequence to set everything up in, then you implement it in a certain sequence. Now you have the confidence to go out and market. You know how to market, you know where to find your prospects, you know how to talk to those people, to engage them, to convert, them to become paying clients. The fire part of it is effortless. And then it just happens over and over and over and over consistently again. But it is in that order ready aim fire. So, if you’re not taking this approach I really invite you to see. Maybe you’ve got the ready fire, oh shoot aim. I meant to aim, don’t do that… Don’t let your passions, your skills, the work that is so needed in this world . Don’t leave it up to hope that’s not fun. That’s not what we’re about. That’s not what you’re about. The clients waiting for you, it’s not what they’re about either. Take the ready aim fire be a lot more fun.

Have you read Jenifer’s story about her coaching business?

Have your read Jennifer’s story that we shared with you recently? Well, the link is below. If you haven’t read about her journey in her coaching business, and, getting it launched, but I thought I’d pop in here. And I wanted to share with you what inspired me, and, what I loved about Jennifer’s story.

You see, well, she and I kind of follow the same path. I called it. I was fired from my job. She had a different way that she phrased, and, she talks about that in the story. But she had this “I-wanted-all” kind of attitude. And I absolutely loved that she is as she calls it, a hands-on mom. That’s how she described it – a hands-on mom to her young daughters. She wanted the lifestyle that she wanted to live. And she wanted to be an entrepreneur, and, half her business, and, it wasn’t about which one can I do; or like she’s like how I need all three to exist. And she did not back down. So, in the early stages of starting her business, things were getting kind of clunky, and, funky, and, weird, and, stressful. She quickly learned that there was three key things that would help her experience all of the above. It was the combination that was the the magic for Jennifer. It was the knowledge, plus the platform to implement, and, the support, and, guidance along the way. Like those three things, once Jennifer had that in place, speed was the byproduct. And she went from the way she called it. You’ll read it when you click below, if you haven’t read it already. But you’ll read the way she described it, zero everything. Like she had nothing – no clients, no mailing lists, nothing. She went from zero. Everything had exploded; her contact list to well, over four hundred, quickly got thirteen paying clients out of the blue. And she was off to the races. It was that combination, like I watched Jennifer powerfully take the the knowledge, the platform to implement, and, the support. Bring that together to help her leverage speed, to get results as an entrepreneur, as a mom, and, to have the lifestyle that she wanted.

And then she had this great story. Well, I will tell you the story. It’s in the link. You’ll read it at the the end of her story, but it was the evidence of all of that coming true. So, take a look below and I’d love to hear from you. You can you relate to Jennifer’s story. Maybe you have it a slightly different story, and, your journey of transformation on your business, but I want to hear from you. What inspired you about Jennifer’s story? Click below and let me know.