Coaching Business Trends of 2019

Welcome to the *free* Trends of 2019 LiveCas. I want to share with you some trends I’m seeing for 2019 in the coaching industry… Here’s a sneak peek: one of the trends I'll be sharing helps to eliminate the #1 thing most coaches mistakenly do to their new clients that...

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Why upgrade to VIP

Today I share a personal story that I think you’ll really relate to. Watch below to hear… And I want you to imagine what it would feel like to give yourself a gift “that keeps on giving” throughout the whole year… a gift where your business is bringing in consistent...

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Why attend the same event again

Here’s a question that’s been coming up: “Why attend Lifestyle LIVE again if I already went last year?” This is a great question—and I talk ALL about it in my Facebook Live video here! But what I will tell you is: I’ve spent the past year refining, adding, and making...

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