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I want to talk with you about the Journey of Transformation…
(also known as the Client Success Path)

One of the common reasons I see coaches struggle in the early stages of their business is because they’re trying to sell coaching. Initially this makes sense because for the coach, coaching is their passion, coaching is what they love, they just want to talk about the awesomeness of coaching… and that’s great when you’re in a circle of coaches….

But when you’re talking with your prospects, clients and referral partners… stop selling coaching.

People don’t buy coaching… they invest in results.

They invest their time and money into ending the things in their world that create challenges and frustrations, that elevate worry and stress and doubt! They invest their time and money into creating new habits, adopting new paradigms that help them to obtain their goals, turn their dreams and desires into reality. If you’re selling coaching – forget it! You’ll convert about 2% of the people that you talk to! That means that 98% of the people you talk to will say “NO!” to hiring you. That’s not fun!

When you encounter your ideal type of client they are living on pain island – their life is filled with challenges and frustrations and often they’ve reached a point of “enough is enough.” They also have aspirations, goals. dreams and desires… they just don’t know how to make them a reality…

The distance between the pain island they currently live on and the pleasure island of the dreams and desires they most want is what I call the Journey of Transformation! That path is the client’s path to success!

And YOU are the guide…
providing insight, sharing wisdom, resources and accountability along the way to make sure they complete the journey.

People want to know that

  1. their dreams and desires and goals are real and attainable (not the “it’s too good to be true mindset)
  2. and they want to know that it’s possible for THEM to complete the journey of transformation.

That’s where your coaching comes in… But FIRST you MUST paint this picture of the Journey of Transformation so that you’re clear on that path so you can convey it to others!

When you’re able to demonstrate your own transformation, you help others see it’s possible for them too. Keep this in mind as you approach every area of your business and you can’t go wrong.

Here’s to your success,

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