I want to start this special Taste of the Magic series—which I’m sharing with you because I want you to get a true taste of the magic that happens when we come together. This is a sample of what I share at Lifestyle LIVE!, the live experience in February. I want YOU to have this for your business.

So, let’s start by talking about list-building and YOUR business…

Your ability to learn and implement list building where you’re steadily and constantly meeting, finding, connecting with and bringing in new people to your business is VITAL to the success of your business.

Your list building activities are the PORTAL, like the front door, into your business and your passion.

It does two things…

Your list building (your lead magnet, what you say at networking events, your follow up messages, nurturing sequences, etc.):

Meets your people—the type of people you love interacting and working with right where they are – which is in the spot of their challenges and frustrations. Your list building is your ability to demonstrate massive compassion to these folks to let them know “you get it.” You understand the spot they’re in and you’ve been there yourself… and just how much it sucks! Sometimes, people just need to hear someone else say “wow, that sucks.” And…

Your list-building allows these new acquaintances to get to know you – what your passions are, what you stand for, the transformation that is possible… It also provides people with a taste of your style: how you show up in this world—so a relationship can be established, trust can be built.

When folks know you, like you and trust you, THAT’S when they hire you, rehire you and refer you…

People don’t buy coaching. They invest in results and they only do that when they trust the person they’re talking to…. and there’s 3 layers of trust:

Trusting you – that you’re the right guide for them on their journey…

Trusting your services or programs that the way you work will support them in creating transformation…

And most importantly, trusting themselves… that within your services/programs and with you as their guide, trusting that THEY will actually do the work!

We’ll be covering list-building even MORE in-depth at Lifestyle LIVE, but I hope this gives you a taste of the magic…More to come soon!

Here’s to your success,


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