I hope you’ve enjoyed the Taste of the Magic series… I know I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you.

Today is the last installment in this series… and it’s one of my favorite topics:

Enrollment conversations.

I want to talk with you about how it pertains to you, in the three more important ways: as it pertains to you personally, in your business, and spiritually. Let’s dive in…

Personal: Having a conversation with someone when they are considering stepping boldly out of their comfort zone and going for their greatest dreams… that is one of the greatest privileges we have as a coach. They are daring to become a better version of themselves… they are daring to create a better world for themselves and/or their families… That is a very vulnerable spot for someone to be in. And to have someone trust you enough to have a conversation about this is something that should never be taken lightly.

If you are going into an enrollment conversation thinking “I hope they hire me” – forget it! Don’t even show up! Instead go into that conversation knowing how vulnerable it is for them to talk about their goals and desire for change… go into that conversation knowing the level of trust it requires… that they trust you enough with something that is so important to them. As a coach, you have the opportunity to hold a vision for someone else when they can’t hold it for themselves…After all, that is what great coaching is… and that is what a great enrollment conversation is centered around! Take that privilege seriously! If they hire you… fine… If they don’t… leave them better than when you found them… but stand for them and hold that vision for them when they can’t do it on their own yet…

Enrollment conversations are NOT about “do you want to hire me as your coach?”

They are about

helping the person get extreme clarity on the negative impact of their current situation, as well as the positive impact of their desired situation. Enrollment Conversations are about

making sure the person can articulate the VALUE of the results and can clearly see how coaching is the supporting tool that will help them complete their journey of transformation and enrollment conversations are about

their commitment… on a scale from 1 – 10 how committed is that person to going for their dreams and making them a reality? Clarity + Value + Commitment = New Client!

Enrollment conversations are our spiritual playground for learning and practicing the art of detachment. When you make enrollment conversations about YOU – the new client you’ll get, the revenue that will be generated, the growth of your business and so on… it’s all about the coach – and then, ATTACHMENT wins every time… You’re attached to the outcome “or else you fail.” But when you place your attention on THEM, the potential client, now you can be fully of service to them and helping them to get to their solid yes or their solid no. When you can support someone in getting to THEIR best decision, you cultivate confidence in yourself and those around you.

Once you experience detachment THEN you can begin to play in the paradox of simultaneously having the conversation be about your needs and desires AS WELL AS being of profound service to them.

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