Yesterday, I filled you in on why trust is the “key: to list-building…If you didn’t get a chance to read my email yet, make sure you go back when you can. I’m giving you a taste of the magic over the next few weeks—snippets of in-depth info we cover at Lifestyle LIVE.

I want you to get a true taste of the magic that happens when we come together. Most importantly, I want YOU to have this information for your business!!

As you know, this series is part of how we’re getting ourselves revved up for the upcoming Lifestyle LIVE! February 11-13 in Atlanta (and remember, you can claim your 25% off ticket now, here!).

So today, I want to talk even more about list-building and how it relates to you personally, and as a woman, more specifically…

List building is an external representation of YOU and your business. It’s a physical action you can take to put yourself out there—being seen, being heard… that’s a big deal! Especially in this day and age… more women than ever are finding their voices, learning how to speak up and stand for what they believe in.

When you’ve mastered “being invisible” and “keeping quiet” for so long, it’s not an easy thing to just start doing – just because you have to do it in your business. More often than not with the coaches I work with, especially the women (which is 85% of our community), this is one of the biggest internal breakthroughs that most be achieved.: finding your voice and sharing it!

Does it have to take a long time? Nope! Does it have to be grueling? Nope… Do you have to do it… YES!!!

Just be mindful that the act of marketing, selling, list building – it’s all about putting yourself out there. One of the things I notice is that when our clients (and me too) put all their attention on themselves (asking questions like: Am I getting it right? Am I saying the right thing, will they like what I’m offering, will they care about what I’m saying, how do I look… and all those villains that creep up in our heads) it becomes debilitating!

However, during list building, sales and enrollment, when you can place your attention on THEM, being of service to THEM, helping THEM… when you can come from that inherent place of service that is what makes you a great coach to begin with…

Once the focus is on your audience, now it’s easier to have conversations…now it’s easier to put yourself out there… you’re doing it for THEM!

So think of list building not as “what can I do for my business” but instead “how many people can I serve.” See the difference?

I hope this helps you. More to come soon…

Here’s to your success,

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