The 3 Most Important Parts of Enrollment Conversations

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Taste of the Magic series… I know I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you.

Today is the last installment in this series… and it’s one of my favorite topics:

Enrollment conversations.

I want to talk with you about how it pertains to you, in the three more important ways: as it pertains to you personally, in your business, and spiritually. Let’s dive in…

Personal: Having a conversation with someone when they are considering stepping boldly out of their comfort zone and going for their greatest dreams… that is one of the greatest privileges we have as a coach. They are daring to become a better version of themselves… they are daring to create a better world for themselves and/or their families… That is a very vulnerable spot for someone to be in. And to have someone trust you enough to have a conversation about this is something that should never be taken lightly.

If you are going into an enrollment conversation thinking “I hope they hire me” – forget it! Don’t even show up! Instead go into that conversation knowing how vulnerable it is for them to talk about their goals and desire for change… go into that conversation knowing the level of trust it requires… that they trust you enough with something that is so important to them. As a coach, you have the opportunity to hold a vision for someone else when they can’t hold it for themselves…After all, that is what great coaching is… and that is what a great enrollment conversation is centered around! Take that privilege seriously! If they hire you… fine… If they don’t… leave them better than when you found them… but stand for them and hold that vision for them when they can’t do it on their own yet…

Enrollment conversations are NOT about “do you want to hire me as your coach?”

They are about

helping the person get extreme clarity on the negative impact of their current situation, as well as the positive impact of their desired situation. Enrollment Conversations are about

making sure the person can articulate the VALUE of the results and can clearly see how coaching is the supporting tool that will help them complete their journey of transformation and enrollment conversations are about

their commitment… on a scale from 1 – 10 how committed is that person to going for their dreams and making them a reality? Clarity + Value + Commitment = New Client!

Enrollment conversations are our spiritual playground for learning and practicing the art of detachment. When you make enrollment conversations about YOU – the new client you’ll get, the revenue that will be generated, the growth of your business and so on… it’s all about the coach – and then, ATTACHMENT wins every time… You’re attached to the outcome “or else you fail.” But when you place your attention on THEM, the potential client, now you can be fully of service to them and helping them to get to their solid yes or their solid no. When you can support someone in getting to THEIR best decision, you cultivate confidence in yourself and those around you.

Once you experience detachment THEN you can begin to play in the paradox of simultaneously having the conversation be about your needs and desires AS WELL AS being of profound service to them.

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Here’s to your success,

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Journey of Transformation

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving this Taste of the Magic series. It’s been so fun to share a bit of the deeper insights you—the juicy stuff we dive into at the live event. I hope you’re feeling the love and the magic from wherever you are. And if you’re ready to commit to making 2019 your best year ever, don’t forget you can still get your ticket to Lifestyle LIVE waiting for you.

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I want to talk with you about the Journey of Transformation…
(also known as the Client Success Path)

One of the common reasons I see coaches struggle in the early stages of their business is because they’re trying to sell coaching. Initially this makes sense because for the coach, coaching is their passion, coaching is what they love, they just want to talk about the awesomeness of coaching… and that’s great when you’re in a circle of coaches….

But when you’re talking with your prospects, clients and referral partners… stop selling coaching.

People don’t buy coaching… they invest in results.

They invest their time and money into ending the things in their world that create challenges and frustrations, that elevate worry and stress and doubt! They invest their time and money into creating new habits, adopting new paradigms that help them to obtain their goals, turn their dreams and desires into reality. If you’re selling coaching – forget it! You’ll convert about 2% of the people that you talk to! That means that 98% of the people you talk to will say “NO!” to hiring you. That’s not fun!

When you encounter your ideal type of client they are living on pain island – their life is filled with challenges and frustrations and often they’ve reached a point of “enough is enough.” They also have aspirations, goals. dreams and desires… they just don’t know how to make them a reality…

The distance between the pain island they currently live on and the pleasure island of the dreams and desires they most want is what I call the Journey of Transformation! That path is the client’s path to success!

And YOU are the guide…
providing insight, sharing wisdom, resources and accountability along the way to make sure they complete the journey.

People want to know that

  1. their dreams and desires and goals are real and attainable (not the “it’s too good to be true mindset)
  2. and they want to know that it’s possible for THEM to complete the journey of transformation.

That’s where your coaching comes in… But FIRST you MUST paint this picture of the Journey of Transformation so that you’re clear on that path so you can convey it to others!

When you’re able to demonstrate your own transformation, you help others see it’s possible for them too. Keep this in mind as you approach every area of your business and you can’t go wrong.

Here’s to your success,

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> “Let your light shine in 2019”
> “Why Trust is the Key to Building Your List“
> “The biggest internal breakthrough you must master”
> “What i believe”
> “The 3 Most Important Parts of Enrollment Conversations”

What I Believe

Today I want to share my core beliefs with you…

Why? Because this is what The Coaches Console is built upon…everything I believe in. And as you continue to grow your business, it’s important for you to get crystal clear on your beliefs too. I hope my sharing mine, it’ll help you gain more clarity on yours. So, here it goes…

I believe…

women are the greatest untapped resource in the world. As one of my mentors describes, women are living with their lids on, have been holding back and keeping quiet for too long… and that is changing!

entrepreneurs will change world. I believe that it’s through individuals following their callings and individual passions that collectively we’ll come together to support others in having greater experiences and supporting ourselves and others in experiencing transformation in this world. It’s through creativity, inspiration, a sense of service and cultivating great experiences that this world will transform in love. And it’s the creative aspiration and dreams and inspirations of the entrepreneur spirit that will lead the way. Remember: “As you allow your light to shine…. you give others permission to do the same”.

coaches are the gateway for transformation. People are taking a stand… groups are organizing around important causes… women are speaking up… more businesses are being started by entrepreneurs each day… people are taking charge of their health… there is great positive transformation that is happening in this world and folks simply don’t know what they don’t know… and they don’t know how to break out of old paradigms and break old habits alone. Isolation is the enemy of success. People have been living in isolation for too long… and people are ready to make change in their lives… but they need support, guidance and accountability. Coaches are the gateway for others to experience this critical mass in transformation that is happening in our world today. We have the privilege of a front row seat and being the revolutionaries that are paving the way!

As an entrepreneur we spend so much of our time learning new strategies, orchestrating and implementing, analyzing what’s working, reviewing what to do differently… but I believe being an entrepreneur is MORE than just a head trip. It’s a full body experience. Body – Mind AND business! As entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs… we must get out of the head and into the body. We must bring our body, our energy and our intuition to the table as well. Leading with equal parts mind and equal parts body is a necessary approach to create sustainable results that create BOTH a business beyond your wildest dreams AND a lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams. If it’s just a head trip… you’ll work long hours, become a workaholic, get burnt out and push through… always giving of the fumes. Instead we MUST give of the overflow… so there is even more of us to give to others in abundance in ways that we never get depleted. The more we can give of the overflow, the more we can serve more people while ALSO being present with our families, our communities and our passions. Both can exist simultaneously.

So, now I want to challenge you: What do you believe?

Here’s to your success,

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> “Let your light shine in 2019”
> “Why Trust is the Key to Building Your List“
> “The biggest internal breakthrough you must master”
> “Journey of Transformation”
> “The 3 Most Important Parts of Enrollment Conversations”

The biggest internal breakthrough you must master

Yesterday, I filled you in on why trust is the “key: to list-building…If you didn’t get a chance to read my email yet, make sure you go back when you can. I’m giving you a taste of the magic over the next few weeks—snippets of in-depth info we cover at Lifestyle LIVE.

I want you to get a true taste of the magic that happens when we come together. Most importantly, I want YOU to have this information for your business!!

As you know, this series is part of how we’re getting ourselves revved up for the upcoming Lifestyle LIVE! February 11-13 in Atlanta (and remember, you can claim your 25% off ticket now, here!).

So today, I want to talk even more about list-building and how it relates to you personally, and as a woman, more specifically…

List building is an external representation of YOU and your business. It’s a physical action you can take to put yourself out there—being seen, being heard… that’s a big deal! Especially in this day and age… more women than ever are finding their voices, learning how to speak up and stand for what they believe in.

When you’ve mastered “being invisible” and “keeping quiet” for so long, it’s not an easy thing to just start doing – just because you have to do it in your business. More often than not with the coaches I work with, especially the women (which is 85% of our community), this is one of the biggest internal breakthroughs that most be achieved.: finding your voice and sharing it!

Does it have to take a long time? Nope! Does it have to be grueling? Nope… Do you have to do it… YES!!!

Just be mindful that the act of marketing, selling, list building – it’s all about putting yourself out there. One of the things I notice is that when our clients (and me too) put all their attention on themselves (asking questions like: Am I getting it right? Am I saying the right thing, will they like what I’m offering, will they care about what I’m saying, how do I look… and all those villains that creep up in our heads) it becomes debilitating!

However, during list building, sales and enrollment, when you can place your attention on THEM, being of service to THEM, helping THEM… when you can come from that inherent place of service that is what makes you a great coach to begin with…

Once the focus is on your audience, now it’s easier to have conversations…now it’s easier to put yourself out there… you’re doing it for THEM!

So think of list building not as “what can I do for my business” but instead “how many people can I serve.” See the difference?

I hope this helps you. More to come soon…

Here’s to your success,

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> “Let your light shine in 2019”
“Why Trust is the Key to Building Your List“
> “What i believe”
> “Journey of Transformation”
> “The 3 Most Important Parts of Enrollment Conversations”

Why Trust is the Key to Building Your List

I want to start this special Taste of the Magic series—which I’m sharing with you because I want you to get a true taste of the magic that happens when we come together. This is a sample of what I share at Lifestyle LIVE!, the live experience in February. I want YOU to have this for your business.

So, let’s start by talking about list-building and YOUR business…

Your ability to learn and implement list building where you’re steadily and constantly meeting, finding, connecting with and bringing in new people to your business is VITAL to the success of your business.

Your list building activities are the PORTAL, like the front door, into your business and your passion.

It does two things…

Your list building (your lead magnet, what you say at networking events, your follow up messages, nurturing sequences, etc.):

Meets your people—the type of people you love interacting and working with right where they are – which is in the spot of their challenges and frustrations. Your list building is your ability to demonstrate massive compassion to these folks to let them know “you get it.” You understand the spot they’re in and you’ve been there yourself… and just how much it sucks! Sometimes, people just need to hear someone else say “wow, that sucks.” And…

Your list-building allows these new acquaintances to get to know you – what your passions are, what you stand for, the transformation that is possible… It also provides people with a taste of your style: how you show up in this world—so a relationship can be established, trust can be built.

When folks know you, like you and trust you, THAT’S when they hire you, rehire you and refer you…

People don’t buy coaching. They invest in results and they only do that when they trust the person they’re talking to…. and there’s 3 layers of trust:

Trusting you – that you’re the right guide for them on their journey…

Trusting your services or programs that the way you work will support them in creating transformation…

And most importantly, trusting themselves… that within your services/programs and with you as their guide, trusting that THEY will actually do the work!

We’ll be covering list-building even MORE in-depth at Lifestyle LIVE, but I hope this gives you a taste of the magic…More to come soon!

Here’s to your success,


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> “Let your light shine in 2019”
> “The biggest internal breakthrough you must master”
> “What i believe”
> “Journey of Transformation”
> “The 3 Most Important Parts of Enrollment Conversations”